Friday, September 26, 2008

The billie goat is a kickin!

Sorry for the long delay in posting...this is my first rodeo.

Kate has felt the first flutters of life in her belly and it was only fitting we were in the liquor store the first time she felt the little bugger cruising around. (No - Kate wasn't drinking, we were heading to a dinner party at Kami and Paul's and I had to get some beer and wine - after all, I am drinking for three now ...) Kate is completely terrified that this is an omen letting us know that our child will be 100% like dad :) I don't know why that would make her nervous. Honestly, what could possibly be better?!

As you can see I broke my radius while biking. It was a pretty nasty crash and I was lucky to sustain only bruised ribs and a minor fracture....I am sure if I had a better bike with more suspension everything would have been fine (Kate is sitting here shaking her head and telling me I need to graduate and get a job first - lol).

The photo above was taken on a hike to Bean and Bear lake on the Superior hiking trail with Eddie and Sarah. Eddie and Sarah unfortunately delayed their trip to Ecuador while Eddie recovered from gallbladder/appendix surgery that went bad. Post-op, Ed's appendix stump leaked and formed a 4x6 cm infectious abscess. Eddie realized things were not right while in Duluth two days before their intended departure day to Ecuador and we ended up dragging him to the ER and he ended up staying in the hospital for 5 days.

Instead of a nice loft in Quito he was able to spend a few miserable days in Duluth's finest and two weeks on intravenous antibiotics. It was a rough road, but all is well now and Eddie and Sarah are planning on leaving to Ecuador in mid-October.

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