Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lil' Billy Goat's First Mug shots

Picture 1: Profile - look at his little hands! Do you see his cute little nose? (gets that from his papa!)

We had our ultrasound today. The little stinker was moving the ENTIRE time. Honestly, did not sit still for one single second. Kicking feet, wiggling butt, constantly shaking his head back and forth, moving his arms up and down trying to feel his face and to find his mouth. He did get his hand in his mouth at one point and then he got the hiccups - OMG it was SO FREAKIN' CUTE! (The ultrasound lady was very very impressed with his motor skills ... what can we say - starting to brag already I know ... but she was also getting a bit frustrated because we were there for well over an hour and the stinker wouldn't sit still - hard to get photos - definitely a product of his father).

Picture 2: Profile - he FINALLY cooperated for a mili-second and turned his face towards us

Picture 3: Feet - wow - look at those long skinny buggers! His legs are crossed in this picture. We knew his feet wouldn't be his best feature and that is evident already (definitely doesn't take after his Tia Sarah in that category!)

Picture 4: Mouth wide open - the ultrasound lady had to take a photo of this because it was so freakin adorable - his mouth was going the whole time and we even were able to see a big yawn!!!! Looks a bit like a monkey in this photo :) We love monkeys!

We didn't find out the sex but I am so 100% convinced that it is a boy. If it is a girl I'll be so shocked that I'll end up having an aneurysm. -Kate

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Dean & Julie said...

Wow! What a cool way to meet your new kid. We're sure anxious, as you are, to meet the little bugger!

From the sounds of it we would sure expect a boy too. With the way his parents are would you expect anything other than a kids with great motor skills?!

Congratualtions - look forward to hearing more about him/her.

Love - Mom & Dad Stenehjem