Monday, March 15, 2010

Sledding with Eli

We were up in the Uintas this past weekend and took Kjella and Eli Nordic skiing. David ended up pulling the sled with both Kjella and Eli in it. When all was said and done, everyone had a great time. I think we may even be able to talk Kjella into going again someday ....

'My mom is totally trying to talk me into riding in the sled with Eli. I'm not so sure that this is a good idea'.

'Oh my, look at them go down the hill, that looks super sketchy! My mom is totally oblivious to the danger. She is just looking at the stinking camera!'

'Woah. I see them launching off jumps into the air. Once again, mom is totally oblivious'.

'Seriously mom, it isn't funny. This is serious business.'

'Well okay. I could maybe give it a try but only if we go REALLY slow and all corners of the sled must be touching the ground at all times.'

'Oh great. Now Eli is trying to talk me into it as well ... I can tell he has his thinking cap on ... '

''He's telling me that he swears that we'll take it easy and there won't be any funny business. Hmph. I've heard that before.'

'Well off we go. Hmmmm ... maybe this isn't so bad after all. Yee-haw! Cruising along!'

'Looks like I'm having a lot more fun than Eli!'

'Uuf! Spoke too soon! That bump kinda hurt!'

'Oh yeah! Stop this train! We need to get off! My bum is killing me!'

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