Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sun Valley

We headed up to Sun Valley, Idaho for the Fourth of July weekend. We met up with a wonderful crew from across the country - Sherie and Ryan (Duluth, MN), Martin and Lexi (Bozeman, MT), their friend Steven (Ventura, CA)and the ever-wonderful Guy Evans from SLC.

Kjella had a blast staying in the yurt at Galena Lodge. She was covered head-to-toe in dirt the entire time we were there but that is what camping is all about right?

'The hills are alive ... with the sound of Kjella's singing ... '

This camping business is da bomb!

Taking a little time out to stop and smell the flowers.

The men-folk: David, Steven, Guy and Ryan

Getting ready for a ride ...

I'm a bit parched from all this hiking and biking!
Helping Mom clean up the yurt

Playing at the Sun Valley Resort

Kjella and Dad are checking out the horses on the ride home.

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Jeremy said...

Looks like a good time!!