Friday, September 7, 2012

The random wedding

Getting psyched in the dressing room.

Dad's pep talk. Giving some serious words of encouragement.

Pep talk did not work. By the look on her face she was not impressed. David carried her AND threw the flowers. He did a mighty fine job as well ;)

All done!! Wahoo!!!

This picture is definitely worth more than a thousand words. Did the ring bearer whiz his pants? Pretty much sums up the whole kit and caboodle.

Ready to put her dancing shoes on!

The entire crew. So. Glad. It. Is. Over.

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akp said...

Wait was this the wedding where u were questioning the little gals participation?!! Thought we warned you! :)

The Stenehjems said...

It was. Dad = 1, Mom = 0. :)